Sunday, October 24, 2010

What a VIEW!

What a perfect way to end a perfect day!  (I wish you could see the earthy fall colors glowing from this October full moon) you see a witch?  Or...... maybe a big black cat?  Just joking! heehee  I'll let your imagination run wild with the spooky witches, goblins & stuff!  Although it is that time of year!  Fall is here and I hope you remember that next week we set our clocks back one hour!!!!!  Fall back.....Spring forward!  So on 11-7-2010, we will loose one hour.  That really messes everyone up with getting to church on time!  So, we'll game plan right now to do better! BETTER...... isn't that all we really want to better?  No matter what it is.....a better mom, wife, caretaker, sister, painter, artist, cook, carver, knitter, writer,  musician, friend, okokok.......whatever it may be......we just want and need to be better!  I think that's a very healthy state of mind!  What a challenge to attempt to be better at what it is that sparks your life!  What you desire.  What makes you tick in harmony with your world.  I think my new goal is to be better at.......being better to myself!  Because, if I'm better to myself, I truely believe that it'll carry over into my family life, work, hobbies......everything I am a part of!  Well, that's thoughts on this beautiful full moon Sunday night!  My last thought....where's the chocolate?  here kitty kitty...........hmmmm, here Rex! 
peace & love,

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