Thursday, January 13, 2011

fun girlie gloves........

I wanted to share with you my latest project......  GLOVES!  Little gloves with lace and fun funky colors! I ended up with this little project after my second "little finger" surgery!  I'd lost so much of my strength in my hand that I could not work on my other projects that require strength and the ability to hold a pencil or paint brush.  It's really easy to thread a needle, loop around the cute little glove and finish off with some lace and trimmings!  The only problem I have is Baxter loves to attack the thread while I'm sewing!!!!  I've learned to work on this project while he's'd think I had a baby in the house!!!!  YIKES! 

yes.....i love to play! says Baxter!   I am the baby of this house and i will play with whatever i choose to play with! toys...kitty key board.....the all time favorite is moving body parts! you move and i attack!  heehee! 
ps....i want you to know that some of the stories you may hear about me are not always told correctly. rex and ozzie do tend to stretch the truth!!!!  

peace & love to all,


  1. This story reminds me of how NOT fun it was trying to pack for Australia with Baxter around! haha. I wore a bandaid on my toe for 2 days thanks to that little guy thinking my moving feet were a toys!

  2. Cute gloves! Hope you're healing nicely.