Monday, March 7, 2011

Let's Toast.......

Here it is the 7th of March!  We've celebrated Martha and dad's birthday's and next week we'll toast to their anniversary.  Mark will be catching up with me on the 17th! We'll toast to that also! heehee  It's fun being the older woman for a couple of weeks every year!  My dear friend Trina will soon be celebrating her 30th wedding anniversary!  Seems like yesterday when I watched her fall head over heels in love.  Matt stole her heart and took her to Texas!  30 years.......Congrats you two!!!!

Life as been crazy as usual!  So much work,!  It's so hard to find time for family, friends and playing in the hobbyroom!   I did start an online class last week.  Here are the details! 

What FUN things I'm learning.  It's so nice to be in your pj's while attempting to learn a new techinque!   I love that I can press the "pause" button and head outside for some fun with Rex, Ozzie and Baxter!  Sister and Tammy are also taking this class!  I will for sure  post some of our finished projects!  

On Saturday, Sister and I went to Wichita Falls for a Debby Schuh class.  It was such a light hearted fun class.  No stress....just learning a fun new project that would be so easy to make for any special person or occassion.  Debby will be heading to Paris in a couple of weeks to teach this and several other classes.  It will be fun to watch her travels. Here's a link to her website: Debby Schuh

Talking about travels......daughter is on the move again!  I hope you're keeping up with her journey and enjoying reading her blog! Candy's blog  We do skype with Candy but the most up to date information is  always posted on her blog!  And the pictures she and Jenny have taken are awesome! 

I pray this is a week full of good things and warmer weather!  I pray that my family, friends and our country stay safe from harm!  I pray for God to keep his arms around our military and protect them from harms way! 

Peace and love to all!       

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