Saturday, May 28, 2011

weekly update......

Papaw Mark and Abby had some good rockin time today! 
She's 17 days old and truly an irresistible bundle of joy! 
Abby bonded to her Papaw like glue! 
funny thing is they both really like to nap!

We got home late this afternoon and realized that
Rex needed a good clean, foamy.....smell good bath!  
Mark decided to scrub Rex out by the pond and then have
him jump in a few times to rinse off! 

It was so funny.....Rex loved the scrubbing!
As usual he put on a show when it came
 time to jump into his pond! 

You would be surprised at the leap he has and the
distance he goes when diving....leaping..... is so funny! 

Baxter was being a real trooper during all of this out door bathing time! 
He was really glad that Mark never headed his way with the doggie shampoo!
Poor Ozzie.....he never made it outside for the fun water time! 
He is our lil scaredy cat!

life is good,
peace and love to all,

Friday, May 20, 2011

9 days.......

She's 9 days old today!!!!
I got to enjoy Abby today! 
What a delight.....hey, it's been one week since I got to hold her.
  OK.....this Grammy thing is going to be a blast!

It's a girl thing...............
what little girl doesn't wrap "daddy" around her finger at birth?'s a girl thing!

We're heading out for shopping now! 
Abby made sure we knew she was only interested in,
 napping, eating and pooping!
  (Hey, Devin is now a pro at the diaper changing event!)

 The great thing for me is......
I get to spoil this little girl and then.....go home! 
 Isn't that what Papaw's and Grammy's are for?

I'm heading to Tulsa tomorrow for a good friends wedding! 
 It should be a fun time for all! 
 Maybe I'll have exciting grown up stories to share.....
I can assure you that shopping is in the Tulsa game plan!

peace and love to all,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

just call me grammy.......

OK.....we're all still grinning from ear to ear on the arrival of our precious baby! 
Abigail Elizabeth Oglesby
safely arrived on May 11th, around 2:15 a.m.,
weighing 7 pounds, 3 ounces, 20 inches long. 
And yes......she is beautiful!  

Here's the new daddy!  He does look a little weary and unshaven.....hmmmm, I'm wondering if anyone has told him that it's the beginning of an unbelievable journey that sometimes leaves you feeling that weary way!!!!

  Although the last few days have been crazy for Ashley and Devin, they're still smiling from ear to ear!  What great parents they're going to be!  I'm sure they realize home life will never be the same (the whimpers, cries and pitter-patter of little feet will be the center of their home) and I'm sure the family dogs are wondering
what in the heck as happened! 

Great Grandma Kay was so delighted to unwrap Abby for a full few of that sweet little 20 inch body!  I'm not sure......but I don't think Abby was very happy with her GGK (great grandma kay) messing up her warm snugly cocoon! 

 Wow.....GOD is great!

peace and love to all,