Friday, May 20, 2011

9 days.......

She's 9 days old today!!!!
I got to enjoy Abby today! 
What a delight.....hey, it's been one week since I got to hold her.
  OK.....this Grammy thing is going to be a blast!

It's a girl thing...............
what little girl doesn't wrap "daddy" around her finger at birth?'s a girl thing!

We're heading out for shopping now! 
Abby made sure we knew she was only interested in,
 napping, eating and pooping!
  (Hey, Devin is now a pro at the diaper changing event!)

 The great thing for me is......
I get to spoil this little girl and then.....go home! 
 Isn't that what Papaw's and Grammy's are for?

I'm heading to Tulsa tomorrow for a good friends wedding! 
 It should be a fun time for all! 
 Maybe I'll have exciting grown up stories to share.....
I can assure you that shopping is in the Tulsa game plan!

peace and love to all,

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