Thursday, June 30, 2011

2011 cousin reunion......

i'm way behind in my updates!  not sure if i'm a blogger or not?  to be....or not to be???????  some days i'm ready and committed. then, there's those days when i cannot drag myself to the computer for any reason!  i think since i, like many others, spend hours in front of a computer during the day (at work), when i get home i'm ready to do anything but sit in front of a computer!  SO, dear family and friends, that is why i am a terrible blogger!   I know there is a large group of you that can do it all....the ones who can stay true to your blog, twitter, facebook and cook, clean and garden with no problem!!!  call me wimpy....or maybe just happy to relax my little fingers and tired brain!   

here we go..............
the 2011 "Sharp Family" cousin reunion was a blast!  we gathered in fraser, co., cousins kandy and mike were so gracious to be in charge of the details!  everything was perfect especially the stories and laughter! 
THANKS to cousins Mike and Kandy Morrison for organizing the reunion!

mom and i flew out on friday the 17th of june, rented a car in denver and drove up the mountain to fraser, a cute little quiet colorado town, 13,000+ elevation, with a friendly lodge that we made home for the following 3 days.  i must tell you that next time i rent a car to drive up a mountain i will make sure it's a least a v6.  our midsized car ended up having a v4 engine and we kinda putted up and rolled down the mountains.  it was really funny!  for once in my life i was very content to be in the slow lane! i'd have to tell mom to "hang on" when it was time to floor board the gas pedal!!!!  not because we were going to go fast....but like, hold your breath and hope we make it! (scary but oh so funny) oh my.....and then on top of that we were in the middle of 2000 bike riders that actually were finishing a one week bike ride tour through the colorado mountains!  it was hard to enjoy the beautiful scenery due to being overwhelmed by the physical beauty and endurance of all the men, women and children on bikes equipped for pedaling over and around these mountains!  oops...i forgot to mention, it was also very chilly....down right cold that morning when we were making our way up and around the big mountains! wheee.....we made it to fraser!

thank the good Lord.......we all made it to fraser!
cousins (and spouses)...... jeannie, david, paula, marv, big linda,
patricia, abbie, nick, steve, tina, kris, alley, drew, jill, david, lil linda,
bobby, judy, shelby, rob, zayden, mike, kandy, mother and myself.
what a great looking group!

10 first cousins in order: 
kay(mom), big linda, bobby, kandy, paula, jeannie,
lil linda, curtis, tina and patricia.
cowboy brian and his loyal dog, blueberry took good care of everyone!

 several cousins were missing for various reasons and truly missed!  i won't mention names but...... they (brother) had better make it to the next cousin event!   the date is being planned right now!  everyone has plenty of time to work it into their schedules!

here's zayden, the youngest of the cousins!!!!! he kept us in stitches!  he's shelby and rob's son.  shelby is bobby and judy's daughter.  cousin bobby shared parts of his life story with us....which left us all teary and happy to have each other!  reminding us again, how important "family" truly is!

i have to let everyone know that this beautiful lady, that i call mother, is now the eldest of the sharp family.  making her the wise one....the one in charge of all!
we sure have good looks in this family!   no kidding.....after looking at the old family pics of our  great, great and great, uncles, aunts, grandparents, etc., we realized that we come from really good looking men and women!
good genes we have!


kris and alley ready for the trail ride!

while some of us enjoyed the wagon ride others hopped on horses and headed up a narrow trail to join us for a yummy dinner.   steak, potatoes, beans, corn on the cob, watermelon and hot bread was served trail ride fashion while enjoying the stunning view of mountain tops full of white glistening snow.
shelby looks like a pro!

the exciting news is that lil linda and her precious husband dave volunteered to have the next "sharp family" reunion at their home in valparaiso, in.  it'll be here in a flash and i pray we can all gather together again with the rest of our loving family members!

we woke up to a snow storm on monday!  the day we're to putt up and over the mountians!  we made it fine....with more of the slow lane, "hold on"  and laughter the entire way to the airport! 
i'm so glad that mother and i could experience this journey together!  what fun and good laughs we had.......putting up the mountains to a small blunder at the airport!  
 i'm so blessed with such a loving and "sharp family"!

peace and love to all,

Sunday, June 12, 2011

here we are......

celebrating the beginning of the event: 
 shawn, carrie, kadee
karen, sister and me

ok....karen and i loved the cutting part of the project!
(yes, i have my apron on cause i love to make a mess) 
i think sister was past cutting and playing in the mod podge! we have to work on jewelry!  
oh well...... i assure you
we are having fun! 

here's a great pic of shawn and kadee! 

another great pic of shawn and heather! 
we all so love heather!  she was the
work horse of this gathering! 

there you go.....i've shared all the fun pics i have up to now!
you know, the classes were great but the friendships
that were created are priceless!

peace and love to all,

Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Gilded Life" gathering......

where to begin! 
the Gilded Life "Spring Festival" gathering was an unbelievable event!  Canton shopping on Friday(thrilling)......being dropped off and picked up by a really nice bus driver!  hmmm, and sweet treats and cool drinks on the way back to the hotel!  i did mention it was HOT?  and all the girl fun!  what a great day!  we had a quiet dinner at the hotel with three other art sisters.....karen, shawn and kadee! 
we laughed so much....we had so many stories to tell......
i thought i was loosing my voice from all the laughter and fun girl talk! usual.....sister and i always have a new funny sister story to share!

here's one of my favorite Canton purchases! 
this funky object is from marigold trading company, 
 my other favorite purchase is my gypsy jane bag!  
i'm sure the gypsy jane will be another story..... 

         so here we are making our delightful Lesa Dailey birds............
saturday was a fun filled day with artist, lesa dailey teaching
 the group how to make a delightful bird!  we tore quilting felt.....
we cut this and that....decou paged parts together and bam.....
we had cute birds all over the room! 
(ok....don't ask shawn about her bird....i don't think it hatched!) 

 the sweet creative birds that lesa so kindly and patiently helped
all of the ladies with turned out terrific! 
we had over 50 birds with varies personalities
 tweeting around the room!

our Sunday gathering was jewelry.  shea sweetly instructed us on how to make this unbelievable bracelet!   shea had designed this dazzling wrapped bracelet with bling and a working watch for our gathering.  with the help of shea, suze and sister......I almost finished my bracelet!  (almost)  I finally gave in to the frustration of working with tiny, tiny pieces that did not want to go together!  my eyes and nerves were shot!  I will finish this project and not let it get forgotten in the bucket of someday projects!

I learned a very important....most likely the most important
must have when making jewelry......good tools!
so if you like to dabble in jewelry making but there always
seems to be a problem......i'm telling you that it's your tools!
 i was shocked at the difference when i compared my cheap
walmart tools to the tools that shea had gathered
for us to purchase if needed!  

take note: these are the good tools!

mark and i went to edmond today to visit abby.....
and take devin and ashley to lunch!  what a great time we had and
lil abby is the cutest thing ever!  today she was ONE month young!

daughter is still touring europe and having a delightful time!

this will be a busy week coming up. 
mom and i leave early friday morning heading to frazier, colorado
 for the "SHARP" family reunion! 
Can't wait to have time to catch up
with all my crazy wonderful cousins!

peace and love to all,