Sunday, June 12, 2011

here we are......

celebrating the beginning of the event: 
 shawn, carrie, kadee
karen, sister and me

ok....karen and i loved the cutting part of the project!
(yes, i have my apron on cause i love to make a mess) 
i think sister was past cutting and playing in the mod podge! we have to work on jewelry!  
oh well...... i assure you
we are having fun! 

here's a great pic of shawn and kadee! 

another great pic of shawn and heather! 
we all so love heather!  she was the
work horse of this gathering! 

there you go.....i've shared all the fun pics i have up to now!
you know, the classes were great but the friendships
that were created are priceless!

peace and love to all,

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