Saturday, July 23, 2011

a song.......

ok.....week one of "how to paint an owl" class!  yesterday, juliette our instructor shared this short clip from the wiggly tendrils.  a fun lil song, just a minute plus long......please may lite your creative fire! How To Paint An Owl

peace and love to all,

Sunday, July 17, 2011

how to paint an owl.......

it's so so hot.....i've lost all desire to create....i miss playing in my lil
hobby room! i need motivation!  i need help!  something to jump
start my inner child that wants to create! 

i love to play in my lil room!  i love being able to express myself with creativity!  i love there's no right or wrong!  i love having my apron on and gettin messy!  i love trying to learn how to properly use the glue gun without burning body parts!  i love running to mark and having show and tell!  i love listening to my old rock & roll....that makes me want to
"dance to the music"!  

I'm so excited......i just enrolled in this fun online class,
"how to paint an owl!"  

if you need some artsy motivation me 
or just a fun me!

surprise me.....hope to see you there!

peace and love to all, 

Friday, July 15, 2011

your daily truth from the brave girls club.......

most everyday i have a daily reading ready to help me start my day. 
here's the link to join their club to recieve
 "your daily truth from the brave girls club" 
we all need to hear kind words and be reminded to not only love ourselves.....
but also to love others!

peace and love to all,

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The invisible crossroads.......

I want to share this blog post with you from seth godin.

In Career World, crossroads don't happen very often. Should I go to college? Which one? Should I quit this job? Where should I apply...

In Project World, on the other hand, every day offers a choice that could change things. Should you start a new project? Organize a conference? Open a new channel of social media? Quit something you're doing right now to make time for something else?

It's easy to get stressed and excited about the infrequent crossroads. It's just as easy to ignore the daily opportunities you  
           have to change everything!

i like things that make me stop and think......hmmmmm......
this is good stuff

this article reminds me to stay open and positive to new ideas.  to stay focused and alert with my thoughts and to take time to absorb what the opportunity is and the direction it's leading me! 
for more of Seth's blog info click here:  seth's blog

peace and love to all,

Monday, July 11, 2011


you must try this yummy bread recipe......take my word for it......this is a really great moist chocolate chip bread.  i will not tell my family (other than mom) there is a veggie in the bread!  i truly hope you enjoy this quick little yummy treat!
oops, forgot to's low fat too!

for the recipe please click on:   chocolate chip zucchini bread
peace and love to all,

Saturday, July 9, 2011

kadee original......

remember the great girl friends we made in dallas at the gilded life retreat?  kadee, one of those girls, sent us all a "oh so thoughtful" surprise! we all had a delightfully decorated package waiting in our mailbox's a couple of days ago!  she's one clever chick!!!  receiving this unexpected altered flower pen, via the postal service, made me realize with the craziness of everyday stuff....i don't stop and think thoughtful as much as i should! 
my goal this week is "TO DO BETTER"
peace and love to all,

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

abby's "Baptism".....

                   devin, ashley, abby, "Godfather davy" & "Godmother erin"

we all gathered, sunday, july 3, 2011, in edmond, oklahoma,
 at the St. Monica's Catholic Church to celebrate the Baptism of 
abigail elizabeth oglesby.
devin & ashley asked davy (ashley's brother-in-law) to be abby's Godfather
 and erin, (devin's half sister) to be abby's Godmother.

ashley's dad, deacon jerry, officiated the ceremony.
abby's Baptism was very personal, very direct and a reminder that this
lil baby girl .....brought all these people......this family together!

God's blessings of, love, joy and family were felt by all!

abby was a perfect angel during the entire Baptism. 
she didn't let out one little peep!

a delighted deacon jerry a/k/a grandpa with abby

ashley's parents,
carol anne and deacon jerry

here's great-grandma kay (kaykay)
and cliff sharing in the moment
devin's dad, matt, wife vicki & their daughter erin
a/k/a "Godmother erin"

here we are....proud grammy and papaw mark!

    here's ashley' jerry and wife cathy,
 sister michelle and husband davy  a/k/a "Godfather davy",
 brother david and wife kristen. 
                                     isn't it always the kids who steal the show?
AND here they are....
ashley's five nephews and sweet lil niece!

                          ashley's dear friend, brittany,  joined in the celebratioin!

carol anne and deacon jerry had the entire group over to their lovely home for lunch! 
the food was outstanding, the chatter delightful.....but the best part of the entire day was the fact that we were together as one family!  and if you're wondering.....we did pass lil abby around all afternoon from one set of loving arms to the another.

even the sweet family dog, trouble, got some extra attention!

abby enjoyed her special day too!

i know that everyone had a day full Christian love,
family stories and good ole back slapping laughter!
it's so neat to sit back and watch your children
become young adults and now parents!
papaw mark and i are anxiously waiting for the opportunity to babysit!
we are so blessed!

peace and love to all,

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Protect this House.............

i saw this on jenny oliver's blog the other day. 
wow....the passion, commitment and strength you feel
during the 1+ minute video! 
.......great inspiration.....
 i'm sharing "protect the house" with you in hopes that it touches
your inner soul,
 as it did mine!
i about you?
                                                     peace and love to all,