Wednesday, July 6, 2011

abby's "Baptism".....

                   devin, ashley, abby, "Godfather davy" & "Godmother erin"

we all gathered, sunday, july 3, 2011, in edmond, oklahoma,
 at the St. Monica's Catholic Church to celebrate the Baptism of 
abigail elizabeth oglesby.
devin & ashley asked davy (ashley's brother-in-law) to be abby's Godfather
 and erin, (devin's half sister) to be abby's Godmother.

ashley's dad, deacon jerry, officiated the ceremony.
abby's Baptism was very personal, very direct and a reminder that this
lil baby girl .....brought all these people......this family together!

God's blessings of, love, joy and family were felt by all!

abby was a perfect angel during the entire Baptism. 
she didn't let out one little peep!

a delighted deacon jerry a/k/a grandpa with abby

ashley's parents,
carol anne and deacon jerry

here's great-grandma kay (kaykay)
and cliff sharing in the moment
devin's dad, matt, wife vicki & their daughter erin
a/k/a "Godmother erin"

here we are....proud grammy and papaw mark!

    here's ashley' jerry and wife cathy,
 sister michelle and husband davy  a/k/a "Godfather davy",
 brother david and wife kristen. 
                                     isn't it always the kids who steal the show?
AND here they are....
ashley's five nephews and sweet lil niece!

                          ashley's dear friend, brittany,  joined in the celebratioin!

carol anne and deacon jerry had the entire group over to their lovely home for lunch! 
the food was outstanding, the chatter delightful.....but the best part of the entire day was the fact that we were together as one family!  and if you're wondering.....we did pass lil abby around all afternoon from one set of loving arms to the another.

even the sweet family dog, trouble, got some extra attention!

abby enjoyed her special day too!

i know that everyone had a day full Christian love,
family stories and good ole back slapping laughter!
it's so neat to sit back and watch your children
become young adults and now parents!
papaw mark and i are anxiously waiting for the opportunity to babysit!
we are so blessed!

peace and love to all,

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