Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The invisible crossroads.......

I want to share this blog post with you from seth godin.

In Career World, crossroads don't happen very often. Should I go to college? Which one? Should I quit this job? Where should I apply...

In Project World, on the other hand, every day offers a choice that could change things. Should you start a new project? Organize a conference? Open a new channel of social media? Quit something you're doing right now to make time for something else?

It's easy to get stressed and excited about the infrequent crossroads. It's just as easy to ignore the daily opportunities you  
           have to change everything!

i like things that make me stop and think......hmmmmm......
this is good stuff

this article reminds me to stay open and positive to new ideas.  to stay focused and alert with my thoughts and to take time to absorb what the opportunity is and the direction it's leading me! 
for more of Seth's blog info click here:  seth's blog

peace and love to all,

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