Wednesday, August 31, 2011

abby's 1st trip......

I'm sorry that I've not posted anything for soooo long!  Seems life gets crazy and the things we enjoy get put on the back burner of the "things to do" list!

I'm pledging to do better!  This is where I'll start my update.  Baby Abby has already gone on her first trip to the cool state of Colorado!  I know she enjoyed can tell from her fun pics.......

pool time for sure! 

wow....that Colorado sun sure is bright!

oh my.....nap time! 

Abby ending her day with movie night!  Look at that must be a fun chick flick!
It is amazing how she grows and changes daily. Her mommy and daddy are adjusting to the crazy life of parenthood! 

Candy will be heading home soon!  We'll be so glad to get her back in America! 
Back home!  Back in the real world....... 
She'll be heading to New Zealand for two weeks in September.  Then in November she will finally head home!!!!!  Please keep her in your prayers for safe travels and for only nice people to be in her path. 

As for me.....I'm so grateful for the wonderful family and friends I've been blessed with!  God is Great!

peace and love to all,

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