Wednesday, September 26, 2012

OMG......where has the year gone?

Here I am.....wondering where this year has gone?  I'm really happy the hot summer days are behind us!  The 100+ temperatures and scorching winds made for a not so fun summer environment.  Not that I'm attempting to rush the hands of time.....I think we all will agree this cooler fall weather is much more pleasing to the soul. 

Sister & I just got home from a two day real estate tech conference in OKC! technology we were introduced to was unbelievable!  Google apps to help every part of every day living and work!  Exciting!

I have to share these beautiful pictures I took of my african violet that lives happily by a sunny window in the front room.   It is truly a happy plant!

I'm going to get back to keeping my sweet little blog updated with fun family and friend updates.  Please don't give up on me!  There will for sure be more to come!

                 peace and love to all,

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Special Day.........

                                         We had a day of celebration! 
                         Mother's day and Abby's lil family birthday gathering!
First I'd like to say "Happy Mother's Day" to mom and all you mommies out there!  I'm so blessed to have such a young looking, young acting, beautiful, healthy mother!  I sure hope she shared those good genes with me!

                                           Abby's all smiles and laughter!
                                                     Isn't she just too cute!

We had a lovely Sunday.  The weather was simply perfect, although we stayed in the house most of the time.  I don't know if I mentioned.....we have a new puppy that lives on the patio for now!   You have to be on guard when sitting on the patio enjoying the scenery....cause if not you'll get chewed on as if you were one of his favorite chew toys!  We are training him not to do this and some other annoying things that puppies tend to do!  Good thing Mark is so patient with the training.  Now me, I get too frustrated and say, "Oh the heck with it" and run into the house!  Can't really make much headway with training when all the puppy can see is you running back to safety!  And not to mention the screams of getting nicked by a sharp puppy tooth! 

                                  Scout, the new Spradling guard dog in training. 
                                     (He's 1/2 Great Pyrenees and 1/2 Akbash)

Back to the party..........
                                           Proud mommie and daddy!

                                          The giant birthday cupcake!

I made Abby a giant cupcake with cool whip icing and fun sprinkles. I think it was a success!  Abby really had fun digging in with her hands.  At first she was not sure what to do.....but hey, when you've got sweet cool whip on your does end up being "finger licking good"!                                                

OK.....we all, hmmm, maybe just Abby and I ended up wearing cool whip for a bit!

                                              Off to the bath we go!
You can't see the hidden sprinkles....but this sweet child has sprinkles under her chin, behind her knees and on her toes!  For sure....she takes after her grammy!

        I think for her very first attempt at "digging in" the little toot did great!

                            Oh boy....a birthday...sweet toys......what fun!
.                              Ashley, Candy, mother and Abby in the floor playing!

  Oh my....more birthday presents! 
                        Dad and Martha had a fun birthday treat for Abby to open!

                                The most special gift was a hand carved spoon
                            by my "oh so talented" dear dad, the master carver!

                                        Happy Birthday Abby 2012
                 Great Grand Father King
                           What a beautiful keepsake

What a beautiful day it was.........
memories full of laughter and love!

peace and love to all,

Friday, May 4, 2012

Wheeeee here we go.......

TIME FLIES.....when you're having fun!  Life is good!  We are so blessed! 

I'm back and excited to get busy on this fun little blog of my world.  I attended a real estate class this week that sparked my desire to get busy and get caught up!  After the holidays I felt so overwhelmed, I could not motivate myself to sit down at the computer and tell my way!  To reflect, share and hopefully make you smile, maybe even laugh here and there!

Wheeee here we go with my speedy update on the past few months. 
First let's start with Abby!

Abby is beautiful!  She spent a weekend with us in April.  What a good time it was!  She is such a happy little thing.  Sure makes for an enjoyable time for all! 

Devin, Ashley, Abby and Candy will be here next weekend for Mother's Day!  Abby's birthday is May 11th.  I'm planning on a little party here for our family and friends.  Her big "FIRST" birthday party is the following weekend in Edmond!

OH, I forgot to tell you how nice our family gathering was during the Christmas holidays.  Dad and Martha dropped by to visit but did not get to stay for the meal.  The food was yummy but just being together during that very special time of year was the yummiest thing of all! 

I think I'll end this part of my update here!
 Don't worry there is more to come!

peace & love to all,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

my first....

Abby made everyone's holiday a whole lot brighter!

   we had a really fun Christmas! 

peace and love to all,