Friday, May 4, 2012

Wheeeee here we go.......

TIME FLIES.....when you're having fun!  Life is good!  We are so blessed! 

I'm back and excited to get busy on this fun little blog of my world.  I attended a real estate class this week that sparked my desire to get busy and get caught up!  After the holidays I felt so overwhelmed, I could not motivate myself to sit down at the computer and tell my way!  To reflect, share and hopefully make you smile, maybe even laugh here and there!

Wheeee here we go with my speedy update on the past few months. 
First let's start with Abby!

Abby is beautiful!  She spent a weekend with us in April.  What a good time it was!  She is such a happy little thing.  Sure makes for an enjoyable time for all! 

Devin, Ashley, Abby and Candy will be here next weekend for Mother's Day!  Abby's birthday is May 11th.  I'm planning on a little party here for our family and friends.  Her big "FIRST" birthday party is the following weekend in Edmond!

OH, I forgot to tell you how nice our family gathering was during the Christmas holidays.  Dad and Martha dropped by to visit but did not get to stay for the meal.  The food was yummy but just being together during that very special time of year was the yummiest thing of all! 

I think I'll end this part of my update here!
 Don't worry there is more to come!

peace & love to all,

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