Wednesday, September 26, 2012

OMG......where has the year gone?

Here I am.....wondering where this year has gone?  I'm really happy the hot summer days are behind us!  The 100+ temperatures and scorching winds made for a not so fun summer environment.  Not that I'm attempting to rush the hands of time.....I think we all will agree this cooler fall weather is much more pleasing to the soul. 

Sister & I just got home from a two day real estate tech conference in OKC! technology we were introduced to was unbelievable!  Google apps to help every part of every day living and work!  Exciting!

I have to share these beautiful pictures I took of my african violet that lives happily by a sunny window in the front room.   It is truly a happy plant!

I'm going to get back to keeping my sweet little blog updated with fun family and friend updates.  Please don't give up on me!  There will for sure be more to come!

                 peace and love to all,

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  1. Miss you two! We'll have to keep trying for a get-together. Your violet is beautiful!